Lucy Lee (named in discreet homage to Ricardo Villalobos’ Easy Lee) alone boldly carries the aspirations of this young Brussels-based label into the world: the quest for a certain idea of desire and beauty, translated in music that is both carnal and incisive.
Lucy Lee launches in the direction of her target: a contemporary club spirit that, after years of petty squabbling, now prefers to cultivate the mixing of genres, to favour cross-pollination and to merge tracks and scenes, DJ sets and concerts. An iconoclastic exercise, but one which has restored the taste for gimmick pop / rock and performance to club music. Its pioneers include Suicide and Kraftwerk, and their glorious offspring LCD Soundsystem, Erlend Øye, Electronicat and Justus Khoncke. Fruit of this incestuous courtship, Lucy Lee is also the cherished child of Darko and Marc Lacroix.
DJ since the age of 17, Darko hasn’t stopped developing his sets throughout the course of his multiple and acute musical love affairs. Having played all over Belgium, in the company of Trevor Jackson, 2 many DJs, James Murphy, Felix Da Housecat or Vive La Fete, he has recently been electrifying Recyclart (a former Brussels railway station). This new ground has allowed him to him to dull the appetite of his two demons: minimal techno, on the one hand, with the “already” legendary Statik Dancin’, electropunk and rock n’roll, on the other, at the Yeah! nights. Events marked by a scorched dandyism and a raw hedonism, which have already seen the likes of Michael Mayer, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Dead Combo, Think Twice, Losoul, Superpitcher, Steve Bug, and Luciano, step onto the stage.
At his side, is Marc Lacroix, Lucy Lee’s label manager and sound engineer in his own right. During Darko’s various residencies nights, passionate conversations about shared musical taste (the factory label etc.), the tandem formed, and deciding to throw all to the wind, created the young Lucy Lee.
With its first signings, Lucy Lee reveals the ambitions of a label that isn’t concerned with any particular musical etiquette, provided that it astounds both body and ear: electro-gothic from Parisian duo The Penelopes, freestyle House with Berlin-based Phonique, and the minimal electro-pop of Julien “Plaisir de France”. An aesthetically open configuration that is primarily devoted to vinyl EP’s but hasn’t ruled out the possibility of developing album projects on other formats in the future.
Translated in image, the manifesto of Lucy Lee has been bathed in Coast’s graphical universe. While clearly inspired by the minimal classics (Bauhaus, Peter Saville), their work doesn’t neglect what likes behind the lines, life and its palpitations: each record cover exposes in sculptural precision, a human body part, an extract of skin… Like an eternally unfinished piece of music that feeds the thirst, rather than quenching it.
photography by Frederic Leemans
art direction Coast
copyright Lucy Lee
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