A. Tre
B1.Tre – Pier Bucci Remix

Format: Vinyl 12 inch
Label: Lucy Lee Quality Recordings
Cat Label Num : LLQR005
Release date : Aug 30th 2006

Lucy Lee Quality Recordings is proud to present “EBBRO” the new project of Gianluca Pandullo (Torino – Italy). Gianluca’s other projects include I-Robots (Irma) and Nemesi (Relish).

I-Robots came into the light with the VV.AA. "Italo Electro Underground Classics", together with the Nemesi tracks, they have immediately gained support among the most important DJ’s around the world and from specialized music press, I-Robot’s “Frau” (produced together with Und from Trapez Records) was included on Ivan Smagghe’s Fabric 23 mix CD. Later, Kid Alex produced 2 remixes of the single for his Berlin-based label, Boys Noize.

Earlier this year, Gianluca Pandulo also released “Cosmica” on Relish which was remixed by the famous neo-disco duo Lindstrom & Prins Thomas. Daniele Baldelli, (pioneer of Italian DJ's), produced a remixed version of the 12" "L'Asteroide", also on Relish.

Pandullo's partner on the EBBRO project is DJ and producer Patrick Di Stefano who is part of the Turin based collective General Elektrik. He is currently working in Berlin, where some of his tracks were released by the Nachtfrequent label, together with Leo Cubanero. Patrick is also a a driving figure behind, one of the first minimal net labels in Italy.

EBBRO takes the musical discourse that began with Nemesi one step forward. It starts from the I-Robots foundations, and moves along the
lines of a contemporary minimalist sound, fit for the dancefloor but deeply rooted in the sophisticated German electro, dating back to the 70's and the seminal Kraut Rock period.

Three 12"s, UNO, DUE, TRE, are scheduled for release, featuring remixes by Pier Bucci (Chile), Riley Reinhold (Germany) and Nick Chacona (US).

Time to be EBBRO !

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